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This Database is a system of organizing, storing and retrieving information, usually in digital form. We provide access to the following bases (except Mednet Hellas) only through the network of the University of Athens ( or via dial-up account of the University):

Academic Search Complete

OCLC FirstSearch service, connecting you to information in a wide range of subjects in 13 databases.



The CINAHL base is a source of study subjects of nursing and medical science. Includes articles from approximately 600 journals from 1981 today.


Cochrane Library

Cochrane database provides access to journals, articles, abstracts and other electronic sources on the documented medical and clinical medicine.

CSA Illumina

The CSA ILLUMINA search interface allows users of the University in a variety of searchable online databases which provide either abstracts or, if permitted, the complete text of these referring to the same publishing house. The sciences covered are: Social Sciences, the Environmental Sciences, Health and Humanities.

ISI Web of Science

Access 3 indexes, covering Social, Sciences and Humanities

Journal Citation Report

[a subscription renewal process]

The base provides the right information to evaluate and critique the world issued journals and the impact factor of these. Access is given to sub-2: Science Edition 2006 & Social Sciences Edition 2006. To enter click on the sign says "Additional Resources" from the list and select the base.

Mednet Hellas (free access)

The mednet hellas created by the Athens Medical Society and provides information on the Society and Health in the Greek market
Primal Pictures 3D Anatomy

Primal Pictures was established in 1991 with the goal of creating the only complete and medically accurate 3D model of the human anatomy. The anatomy visuals are accompanied by three-dimensional animations that demonstrate function, biomechanics and surgical procedures. To supplement the core three-dimensional anatomy data are clinical videos and text written by some of the world’s leading medical specialists.

It can be is used by

  • Educators
  • Professionals and Practitioners
  • Students

ProQuest Dissertations & Thesis

The base is a valuable resource for graduate and PhD dissertations.


This is a search tool storage and easy management of all types of information and a bibliography or bibliographic references. Each user can create his own account, through which they can manage the information they desire. The RefWorks collaborates with the database "Scopus".


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